What are the consequences?

The consequences of sexual exploitation are many.

They may take different forms, but not necessarily at the same time.

Psychological consequences
• Loss of self-esteem
• Feelings of guilt or shame
• Loss of trust in adults
• Loss of motivation
• Difficulty maintaining emotional relationships
• Feeling of contempt for one’s body and that it belongs to someone else
• Problematic sexual development
• Premature sexual learning
• Depression, stress, feelings of failure

Social consequences
• Isolation
• Incomprehension on the part of the person’s entourage
• Rejection (anticipated or actual) by family and peers
• Dropping out of school
• Instability with friends
• Social exclusion
• Stigmatization 

Physical consequences
• Exposure to HIV or other STBBIs
• Intense fatigue due to irregular life patterns
• Unwanted pregnancy
• Sleep disorders
• Drug and alcohol addiction

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